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Andee Blacksugar – Don't fall into predictable patterns
JO, Čtvrtek, 29.03. 2012 - 08:50:16, 3314 bytů

ANDEE BLACKSUGAR is a singer, songwriter and guitarist in one person, who works from his flat in New York. The Project BLACK SUGAR TRANSMISSION (BST) was founded as a band, unfortunately the ex-members have their own bands. BST of these days is only Andee with all who are invited him to realize his sounds. It’s good, because concerts are unrepeatable, thanks this.

Jgor Gianola - Our fans deserve the best we can do!
JO, Středa, 15.02. 2012 - 07:56:41, 13202 bytů

He was born and lives in Switzerland, his forename is Russian, surname is Italian, he can speak several languages and he has played with bands from various countries. He’s been playing guitar with German metal legend Udo Dirkschneider’s U.D.O. for 14 years. He’s collaborated with many well-known musicians – his hard'n'heavy rock compatriots Gotthard took him for their Dial Hard Tour (1993–95), besides he pursues his own band Alto Voltaggio and occasionally records with another musicians, e. g. Jorn or Wild Willy’s Gang. We met in a rock club Kain in Prague, where he was on a trip for a few days – and he didn’t hesitate to give me an interview. So here we go – JGOR GIANOLA.

Bonafide - Pontus Snibb: ''I live and breathe music!''
JO, Středa, 18.01. 2012 - 23:15:34, 9193 bytů

BONAFIDE are young Swedish band playing old hard rock – simply said. But it's not that exact, much less simple. There are four excellent musicians in Bonafide who, apart from instrumental skills, have also talent for writing great songs. Their music is often compared to AC/DC, but it isn't any imitation. Bonafide are Pontus Snibb (vocal, guitar), Mikael Fässberg (guitar), Niklas Matsson (drums) and former Michael Nilsson has been recently replaced by Martin Ekelund (bass guitar). Their fresh straight music with the strong riffs kick you up and 'fills your head with rock'! Currently they're preparing their third studio album; not only about it I talked with the frontman – singer, composer and multiinstrumentalist PONTUS SNIBB.

Björn 'Speed' Strid – We're real people
JO, Sobota, 10.12. 2011 - 00:57:28, 6882 bytů
  There's no need to introduce SOILWORK. This Swedish band belongs among the elite of melodic deathmetal scene by right for many years. Their last album The Panic Broadcast is really good, Peter Wichers' comeback is more than obvious. I have inteviewed the frontman BJÖRN 'SPEED' STRID not only about mentioned album.

The Quill – The Circle Has Closed Down
JO, Pátek, 18.11. 2011 - 00:01:18, 9608 bytů
  Long five years since the last album In Triumph (2006), the Swedish stoner rock group THE QUILL are releasing the 6th studio album Full Circle. The new album is not the only news in the band – the new member is Magnus 'Magz' Arnar, who replaced former singer Magnus Ekwall at the microphone. It was clear – considering the indisputable vocal quality of his predecessor – that he will not be in easy position. Guitarist Christian Carlsson, bass guitarist Robert Triches and drummer Jolle Atlagic have chosen well – at Full Circle Magz proves that he is not any 'copy' but full-featured high-quality original. Currently, The Quill should have been on European tour including Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unfortunately, this tour was postponed, but I have asked bass guitarist ROBERT TRICHES some questions at least...

Patrik Johansson – To believe in yourself and your music
JO, Sobota, 18.06. 2011 - 20:22:57, 9763 bytů
  BLOODBOUND were founded in 2004 and they've released four albums so far: Nosferatu (2006), Book Of Dead (2007), Tabula Rasa (2009) and Unholy Cross (2011). Their successful rise and career were slightly complicated when their former frontman Urban Breed, an excellent singer but problematic personality, have left and returned again. Last year he was replaced by a talented singer PATRIK JOHANSSON (Dawn Of Silence), who answered following questions...

Lost Dreams – Lost dreams?
JO, Čtvrtek, 19.05. 2011 - 00:40:31, 4777 bytů
  Austrian band LOST DREAMS is a bunch of guys, who represent modern melodic death metal. You can find some dark, black and thrash metal elements in their songs. This group has supported bands like Soulfly, Sepultura... Currently they're finishing a new studio album. I briefly interviewed the bassplayer DOMINIK HORMANN not just about their tour with Six Feet Under.

Nathan James Biggs from Sonic Syndicate – You guys, rule!
JO, Čtvrtek, 27.01. 2011 - 09:46:01, 8714 bytů
  SONIC SYNDICATE released their third studio album last autumn. Former singer Roland Johansson was replaced by young and talented native of the UK Shrewsbury, NATHAN JAMES BIGGS, who currently lives in Falkenberg, Sweden. We interviewed Nathan after the end of their long tour called We Rule the Night.

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