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Vinnie Moore – Ordinary guitar virtuoso
JO, Pátek, 17.04. 2015 - 00:05:48, 7912 bytů

American guitar virtuoso VINNIE MOORE is one of the most influential guitarists, who is currently a member of legendary English hard rock band UFO. During his career, he has worked with many great musicians, Alice Cooper and Vicious Rumors to name a few. I have received opportunity to ask Vinnie a few questions. Our conversation revolved not only around the current UFO release, but also around Vinnie's entire career.

Civil War – Thank you Czech Republic for being who you are!
JO, Úterý, 03.03. 2015 - 21:37:19, 9469 bytů

In 2012, the majority of the Sabaton staff got together heavy band CIVIL WAR which realised an excellent debut album The Killer Angels in the following year. In Sweden this album relatively soon earned statute 'gold record', which opened them the gates to a wider metal world. Last year the band presented itself for the first time in our festival Masters Of Rock and little earlier also at club Storm, and immediately became more popular Swedish band for the local fans. The band will return to the Pilsen Metalfest to introduce their brand new album Gods And General this year. One of the former members of Sabaton – drummer and producer DANIEL MULLBACK talked to us not only about this. 

NeonFly – Czech people understand what we're trying to do
JO, Pondělí, 05.01. 2015 - 22:49:08, 18423 bytů

After three years British metal band NEONFLY released their second studio album called Strangers In Paradise to which event a special concert was held in the London's music club O2 Academy 2 Islington on the 20th November. Before this extraordinary event the guitarist FREDERICK THUNDER and the singer WILLY NORTON got around to get to talk not only about freshly minted album but about successful tours or the Czech Republic and Czech fans as well.

Axxis – We felt the same spirit
JO, Úterý, 18.11. 2014 - 21:47:42, 9607 bytů

German power/heavy metal icons AXXIS celebrated 25 years since the release of their debut full-length album Kingdom Of The Night, and they celebrated it in a very special way – on the same day, 25 years later, the band has released a sequel to the album titled Kingdom Of The Night II. This anniversary was among other things we have discussed, and we of course asked about the tour, which had a very important leg in the Czech Republic.

Markus Johansson – Tell your friends about what we did!
JO, Pondělí, 21.07. 2014 - 22:32:10, 6837 bytů

MARKUS JOHANSSON is an American heavy metal guitarist and vocalist from Chicago who is known for the project SYLENCER. I briefly interviewed him not only about the project.

Dan Nelson – Can't wait to be back
JO, Čtvrtek, 08.05. 2014 - 01:08:04, 7332 bytů

Although DAN NELSON has been singing in loads of musical projects and bands, metal fans probably would know his name from his short appearance in legendary thrash metal band ANTHRAX (2007-2009). Dan was the original vocalist for the band's latest release Worship Music (2011), on which he co-wrote majority of the songs. Yet after his mysterious departure from the band, his vocal tracks were erased and replaced by the reunited singer Joey Belladonna. Dan unfortunately declined to answer all the questions regarding Anthrax, but spoke about many of his other musical endeavours.

Jocke Berg – We are proud of the new album
JO, Úterý, 10.12. 2013 - 22:20:54, 7923 bytů

JOCKE BERG, the singer for HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, took a break from busy tour supporting actual album C'Mon Take On Me for answering a few questions for RockShock. During friendly atmosphere before Glasgow show we discussed how is the new album accepted, what are the Hardcore Superstar's plans for the future and somehow we ended up talking about religion.

Prima Donna – European crowd goes little bit crazier
JO, Čtvrtek, 11.07. 2013 - 08:51:26, 5014 bytů

RockShock cought the chance to talk with American rock band PRIMA DONNA, who came to play in Czech Republic for the very first time. They rocked Barrak Music Club in Ostrava and as a support played Sweet Leopard and Last Time. Prima Donna consists of five kind guys with passion for live performance. We have talked about their future and past and all the things which go around rock'n'roll life.

Daniel Löble, Helloween
JO, Sobota, 20.04. 2013 - 20:54:26, 5356 bytů

A drummer of HELLOWEENDANI LÖBLE gave us his time to answer a few of our questions in the afternoon before their show in Prague. He proved he had a sense of humor right during the introduction, when he answered the usual polite phrase „Nice to meet you"„Nice to meet myself" with laugh...

Hardcore Superstar – Sometimes somebody come to us and drink all our beer
JO, Pátek, 08.03. 2013 - 22:04:32, 10992 bytů

Shortly before release of new album by HARDCORE SUPERSTAR we caught for a speech nice and talkative drummer MAGNUS 'ADDE' ANDREASSON. We spoke mainly about last two albums, but touched the topic of tour life, talked about Prague's drum sticks and got very interesting information too.

Inquisition: Tom Wouda
JO, Pondělí, 04.03. 2013 - 20:54:53, 3488 bytů

Guitarist of new Swedish metal band TOXICROSE, TOM WOUDA, is the next one of foreign musicians who wasn't afraid to answer the inquistion questions. Tom also plays in another Swedish band – Gemini Five; he's currently on the Scandinavian Hell Tour with ToxicRose (and with Crashdïet and Sister). The band released one EP album which promises that we can look forward to the another production of ToxicRose in the future.

Doug Aldrich – Record Steam Roller live album would be cool
JO, Úterý, 16.10. 2012 - 23:21:17, 7103 bytů

Three guys of Whitesnake – Doug Aldrich, Brian Tichy and Michael Devin – hit the road under the name STEAM ROLLER to show you what are they able to do with their instruments. We had an opportunity to talk about this project and even more with very friendly and talkative guitarist DOUG ALDRICH.

The 69 Eyes – We are excited in creating timeless music
JO, Čtvrtek, 11.10. 2012 - 22:42:10, 9405 bytů

THE 69 EYES released their tenth album called X and we had an opportunity to talk with their frontman JYRKI 69. We interviewed him mainly about new record, which seems to be topic number one for their record label. And there is no doubt why, Jyrki 69 on his own said that some of the songs are the best they have ever wrote. The date of release was 28th of September. Whole album was recorded in Sweden with Swedish producer. Even video for pilot single Red was shot there, directed by local director including Swedish playmates.

NeonFly – We'll come back with pleasure!
JO, Středa, 10.10. 2012 - 15:16:45, 13384 bytů

British band NEONFLY is more and more popularized for fans in the Czech Republic and for music media. After their successful show at Basinfirefest last year, where they introduced themselves for the first time to the Czech audience, they've appeared on Masters Of Rock and Rockování festivals this year; but this is not the end of their concerts in our country this year. During upcoming tour with legendary Magnum band they will return to the Czech Republic again. Not only about passed shows and return to Czech stages but also about their relationship to our fans and their future plans the composer brain of the band, likeable guitarist FREDERICK THUNDER spoke in this interview.

Inquisition: Zoé von Herrschaft
JO, Neděle, 20.05. 2012 - 22:21:32, 4707 bytů

As the first foreign musician ever ZOÉ VON HERRSCHAFT took the courage and answered questions from our section Inquisition. Zoé currently plays the bass guitar in the French symphonic metal industrial band THE CNK (The Cosa Nostra Klub). He also plays in the band Herrschaft and owns a recording studio Zoé H.

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