Prima Donna – European crowd goes little bit crazier
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Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Sabina Jesenovská
Photo: Prima Donna archive

RockShock cought the chance to talk with American rock band PRIMA DONNA, who came to play in Czech Republic for the very first time. They rocked Barrak Music Club in Ostrava and as a support played Sweet Leopard and Last Time. Prima Donna consists of five kind guys with passion for live performance. We have talked about their future and past and all the things which go around rock'n'roll life.

What's the main idea of Bless This Mess?
Kevin: It's kind of being in the eye of the storm. It's about accepting that maybe you are not perfect. It's very personal.

Why don't you have your logo written on the front cover of your actual CD?
Aaron: It looked complete without any words on it. Plus people are pretty familiar with the name now.

You sound very British. Who influenced you the most?
David: We listen to rock'n'roll from everywhere. We listen to British bands and also American bands. I wouldn't say our influences are strictly British.
Aaron: We were influenced by The Rolling Stones, of course.
"Lights Out" Levine: Ramones, New York Dolls, The Stooges… typical rock'n'roll…

What would you tell me about the song Miss Avenue? It has English influence too, but quite different, it sounds like Sex Pistols. I know it's older song, why it's on this album?
David: Our first tour ever was with Matlock, we love all songs he wrote. That's why Sex Pistols influence.
Kevin: We have never felt we have right record of it. We just wanted to do it again. I like that song and I wanted to do it right.

How do you feel about European tour? Can you compare it with gigs in your hometown?
Kevin: European crowd put little more passion into it. They go little bit crazier so we love coming out here.

Bless This Mess is older than year and I heard you were in studio in Milano. How far are you with new record?
"Lights Out" Levine: Yes, we did our new song Like Hell. Hopefully whole album will be out in the summer or fall. It will be different but, you know, same influences. It will be different but not too different.
Kevin: Studio Real Sound Milan where we recorded it is the oldest studio in Milan and they do a lot of great rock'n'roll records and they have got great equipment.

How did you get in touch with Green Day? Tell me more about cooperation with them.
Kevin: It started when they were recording American Idiot. They were recording in Los Angeles. That's why I met them and things let the things… when we made our first record After Hours, they loved it and they wanted to take us on tour, because they wanted rock'n'roll band to tour with them. And they made the right choice! (laugh)

I have never seen club band with such a pretty kind of pop art flyers for almost every show. Is it all your work?
Kevin: Aaron does most of them.
David: He's very talented.

You are here for a very first time, so what would you say to Czech fans?
Erik: We wanna come back over and over and over!
David: Hopefully we're gonna play Prague next time.

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