Daniel Löble, Helloween
Publikováno: Sobota, 20.04. 2013 - 20:54:26
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Text: Eva Houšková, Mirek Valenta
Foto: Helloween archive, Mirek Valenta

A drummer of HELLOWEEN – DANI LÖBLE gave us his time to answer a few of our questions in the afternoon before their show in Prague. He proved he had a sense of humor right during the introduction, when he answered the usual polite phrase „Nice to meet you"„Nice to meet myself" with laugh...


You've played a several gigs of Hellish Rock Part II tour. How is the tour going on and have you been looking forward to the Czech Republic?
Yes, of course, all the tour is going well at the moment, everything's fine... Slowly the routine is coming in, everything is meanwhile on the spot where it's supposed to be or considered to be. And we are of course always looking forward to play in the Czech Republic...

Can the Czech fans expect something special during your concerts here?
I don't know yet, I mean we have planned something special for the entire show. The row is long so we don't know yet what kind of songs we are going to play tonight, but not really something special for this country... But we have fixed something special for the entire tour. Fans can expect a great party tonight on stage!

You have achieved really very much as a band, one'd say that you can't move anywhere. But you always surprise pleasantly – both with new album and concerts. Do you have any special method how you improve the level of quality – or have you even signed any contract with the devil?
(laugh) Good question! I don't know if we have signed a contract with the devil, probably yes with the Czech devil! To be honest, we don't plan anything, everything comes up fresh all of our hearts. Everything can happen quite spontaneously. We don't need any plan or whatever, we play together for many years. You can hear the experience the band went through and all that makes Helloween what it is – that's the reason why we are unpredictable, predictably-unpredictable. We have been in this line-up for eight years, everything feels good, we know that we can make a great album, everytime we put out an album – it's still a classical Helloween album. What so you want to expect more?

You especially promote your new album Straight Out Of Hell on your tour. What is your impression of this new record?
We are always trying to play for fans. As long as you do what we want to do I guess that manner should be done.

You'll visit a lot of cities during the tour and you've travelled all over the world several times during your carreer. Does still exist any place where you haven't played yet and you'd like to see it?
Iceland would be grat! I haven't been there yet, nobody of us has been there yet. And we haven't been to New Zeland; we are lucky and proud that we played in Australia, but we didn't get the opportunity to jump over to New Zeland.

Well, you should tell it to your manager...
Nikolas! Did you hear that? (laugh)

And what about your future plans? What's exactly waiting for you after the tour with Gamma Ray? Your fans might like to know whether any video recording is planned to be shooted during this tour?
I haven't heard that anything is going to be recorded from this tour. We haven't planned anything, but you never know – we are unpredictable... (laugh) After the tour we will start writing, composing, keep on with the demand of the fans; that's the most reason of our lives – to keep on with demand of the fans and of our own demand. As long as you can keep on with that, everything is fine. Thanks a lot to get the demand!

Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to your evening show!
Me too! (laugh)


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