Inquisition: Zoé von Herrschaft
Publikováno: Neděle, 20.05. 2012 - 22:21:32
Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Lenka Přichystalová
Foto: William Lacalmontie


As the first foreign musician ever ZOÉ VON HERRSCHAFT took the courage and answered questions from our section Inquisition. Zoé currently plays the bass guitar in the French symphonic metal industrial band THE CNK (The Cosa Nostra Klub). He also plays in the band Herrschaft and owns a recording studio Zoé H.

Where did you wake up this morning?
In my girlfriend’s bed.

What is in your pockets right now?
Cigarettes and a zippo.

Which song sounded in your head the most intensively today?
The new Herrschaft one that I’m currently mixing.

If you could listen to the only one record until the end of your life, which one would you listen to?
Probably November Rain. Just that one I think.

Does pirate copying kill music?
It will never kill music. But it currently kills musicians and creativity for sure.

When, where and with who have you played your best concert so far?
I think it was the last CNK’s gig in Paris. We were playing just before KMFDM and it was crazy. A real big show with an amazing audience, violence, and an insane loudness.

What would the all-star band look like, which you could create regardless of space-time?
I don’t believe in the all-star band concept. All the experience of all-star bands I saw or listen to was a failure in my humble opinion. I think an alchemy can be created between guys without the influence of their name, their experience or their technique. Who knows? Maybe the four worst musicians on the earth can play together and become a really good band. I have several examples for it! (laugh)

Which book are you reading at the moment ?
The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro.

Your best and worst sexual experience?
Ouch. Joker. (laugh) For the worst, I usually was drunk, so I happily forget the most of them. But I can remember this time when the room we were was full of blood. Oh, be sure it was mine, everywhere on the walls. I have for sure a lot of good experiences too, but sorry, it’s always easier to remember the bad things and harder to remember the good ones. (laugh)

The most embarrassing experience of your life?
I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life but I’m sure that the most embarassing one isn’t done yet.
For a past experience that I can remember: maybe falling from a stage during a show just to not have see the border... Ouch, my back still hurt me just by thinking of that!

What is an usual course of your drunkenness/intoxication?
Usual? It can’t be usual! It’s different each time, depending on who’s here, what we have...
If you just want something usual, get this: it starts usually good, it ends usually not as good. (laugh)

How much time per day do you spend online?
With all the computers in my studio, with my phone, with all the technology around me... I’d like to say I’m connected every minute in a day. Erf...

Who was your model/guru/hero in the childhood – and at present?
Hard to make me dream again today... but in the past I was really impressed by David Bowie.

How would you like to die?
By a last base jump or without realizing!

Does God exist?
Yes and he’s a dickhead.

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