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Jocke Berg – We are proud of the new album
Publikoval: JO - Úterý, 10.12. 2013 - 22:20:54
Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Sabina Jesenovská
Photo: band archive, Sabina Jesenovská

JOCKE BERG, the singer for HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, took a break from busy tour supporting actual album C'Mon Take On Me for answering a few questions for RockShock. During friendly atmosphere before Glasgow show we discussed how is the new album accepted, what are the Hardcore Superstar's plans for the future and somehow we ended up talking about religion.

Some time went through how do you see C'Mon Take On Me in comparison to previous albums now?
I feel really good about it. We are proud of it. I mean the last album is always the best album. It sounds pretty good, sells pretty good and people are showing up on the shows. Sometimes we have very good reviews on the album and mostly are reviews similar to what we have thought. But of course there are some who don't like it.

Who came with the idea of amazing intro Cutting The Slag?
Actually it was Adde, who did the intro with the guy who lives in Berlin. They wanted it to sound like creepy psycho circus and I think it does. Even if it is not the best intro we have ever done. I like intro Beg For It. But Adde usually does the intros. He likes it. He always comes to us and asks if we should use what he has done or not.

All the videos supporting new album look a bit similar. Was it your intention to make something like concept?
We did all these videos mostly in one week… from Friday to Sunday. We had different locations where we filmed, but as you said you can feel that every video is similar to the other. One More Minute and Because Of You has the same area. That what we were thinking about to do it like the concept thing. These two videos stick together and when you are watching Above The Law and C'Mon Take On Me they are connected as well. C'Mon Take On Me was shot in the big house, upstairs we redecorated one room to make it look like rehearsal room.

Do you plan more videos for C'Mon Take On Me?
No, what I know. We have done like four videos now.

In March Adde was talking about making videos for the previous album Split Your Lip. For songs Last Call For Alcohol and Moonshine, did the work on them somehow moved?
Yeah, we still want to do live videos for this two. We have a guy who is filming every night.

Do you plan to release any special editions of C'Mon Take On Me before Christmas?
Ehm, I can't tell you. That is the secret. You will know it in December, but I can't even tell you when exactly.

I asked you in the beginning of the year if you have plans for releasing DVD. You agreed. Can you give me more information about it at this point?
Yes, we already recorded I don't know how many shows we did. We have a lot of material that we are working on and we have to listen to all of that. It is better to do it before we release it to not sound like shit. We have a lot of material, but we haven't decided about the date release.

I know it is not even year, but especially you are always so active. Do you already have any material for upcoming CD?
Well, we have a lot of new ideas, but it is all just ideas. There is nothing like whole song completed yet.

What inspires you now? Split Your Lip has a very live show atmosphere, C'Mon Take On Me continues into a bit more personal sphere.
I think there will be the typical Hardcore Superstar sound. On the new album you can hear the influences like Stone Temple Pilots and even Mother Love Bone, a bit grunge era, especially the songs Long Time No See and Stranger Of Mine. We always try to find something new on every album. We never know how the next album is going to sound but definitely like Hardcore Superstar album. I can't reveal any secrets, because I don't have any secrets about upcoming album yet.

There was a big boom of new sleaze rock bands with you and Crashdïet. Which of them do you consider as really good?
There is lot of them in Sweden. I don't listen to those young bands so much. I like Crashdïet, they are good, but I didn't listen to the younger ones. But I know lots of them like Toxic Rose, Panzer Princess, Sister, of course.

Who made you the best company as support act or on co-headline tour so far?
They are all good guys, but I must say Crashdïet. We were touring with them couple of times, so we know each other quite well.

How did you manage common tour with Bucksherry?
They wanted to go to Europe and we were supposed to do European tour, so why not to do the tour together? Then we can sell more tickets and play in bigger venues. So here we are.

Who plays the first?
We wanted to play the first. But we have the opening band, then us, then Buckcherry. We like to be in the middle.

What happened to announced support act The Last Vegas?
They actually wanted to do their own European tour, the shows in Spain and so on. So they dropped off. I don't know more about that.

You travel all over the world. Where is the wildest audience?
The crowd in Italy is really crazy. In Japan they are very into it as well. It depends on country and even the town where you are. And also which day of the week it is. I mean today it is Tuesday or what, it is hard when people are supposed to go up after work, they don't drink. The good crowd is in Italy on Saturday night.

What about your playlist? Do you change it according to atmosphere?
We have like six, seven extra songs that we can put into set. But so far we didn't do that, because it works fine every night.

What is the song We Don't Celebrate Sundays about?
When you are so drunk on Saturday night and you wake up with such a bad hangover and you just want to pull the blanket over your face and do anything. That is why we don't celebrate Sundays.

It has actually no deeper meaning.
Yeah, of course: Satan. We all believe in Satan, we don't believe in God. (laugh)


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