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Hardcore Superstar – Sometimes somebody come to us and drink all our beer
Publikoval: JO - Pátek, 08.03. 2013 - 22:04:32
Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Sabina Jesenovská
Photo: band archive, Eva Johansson, Fredrik Strömberg

Shortly before release of new album by HARDCORE SUPERSTAR we caught for a speech nice and talkative drummer MAGNUS 'ADDE' ANDREASSON. We spoke mainly about last two albums, but touched the topic of tour life, talked about Prague's drum sticks and got very interesting information too.

Can you introduce new album to your fans who haven't heard it yet?
I think it is more dynamic than other albums we have made. I think it is like a big mix of all the earlier albums, a big mix of all of those eight albums. But it was kind of different this time when we wrote all the songs. We usually have a clear vision before we even start to write one song, we know where we want to go. But this time it was more spontaneous. We didn't discuss that much, we just wrote songs and had fun with it.

Which is your favorite song?
Above  The Law, the new single. I like that, because it was so easy to make. (laugh)

Now there are out two videos before album, can we expect more?
Yeah, there are gonna be two more videos. It is gonna be Because Of You and C'mon Take On Me. We have already done them. I am not sure which one will be out first, but I can tell you it will be in one maybe two months. Because Of You is nice looking video. C'mon Take On Me is like party video. There is a lot of drinking booze and having fun.

Why does have song Won't Take The Blame two parts?
Vic Zino came with the song. When we heard the chorus I thought it sounded like religious song and I started to tease him: It sounds like fucking religious song!" (laugh) but I love it. We just stated maybe we should make it like sect meeting kind of song in the end of the song. So that started out as a joke. And the joke became kind of serious. The part two section, which we would like to call sect meeting, is because we like to think sect meeting almost.

What can you tell me about Long Time No See? I feel it like trying to do something similar as Run To Your Mama, but with way more bombastic sound.
The thing is that when this song was ready for recording, Jocke was up here and he was about to do little demo at first, so we could sit and practice for putting it on the album, and just when he was about to lay down his vocals I had a phone call saying that my big brother has cancer. So we were just kind of shocked and sad, you know. We ended work for that day and we actually rewrote the lyrics and made it more kind of serious. But we did not really wanna be too personal like how deadly cancer stuff is. So it is pretty serious song for us.

Where from came the inspiration for Above The Law?
Actually from listening to Thin Lizzy, which is one of our favorite bands. Phil Lynott was a great lyricist and he was so good at telling stories. So what we wanted to do with Above The Law was we wanted to tell real story, a sad story with sense of black humor in it.

Who came with the idea of cover of the album?
We were recording songs and during the process discussing album cover which we'd love to do. And I've seen old Nirvana video, where Kurt Cobain takes huge stage dive into the drum kit and I thought it looked so cool so I asked the other guys in the band: Wouldn't it be fucking cool if we have like stage dive as an album cover?" And it continued: We should have a woman buried in my drum kit." It's so sexy – woman smashed into my drums. I think that cover is really beautiful.

Do you plan any live DVD?
I don't know if there will be DVD this year, but we definitely plan to do it. One big DVD with documentary and videos.

Split Your Lip by the lyrical side was for me like rockstar confession. You know Guestlist, Sadistic Girls, Last Call For Alcohol and so on… was it for you like you had a push to tell all your feelings or just writing down everything what goes around? The impression on me was that you are full of a little boy got to know what does it mean to be a rockstar, but now you are back with more poetic lyrics. Was Split Your Lip a therapy for you?
Split Your Lip was written mainly when we were on tour. Lot of inspiration came from doing shows, you know, looking at people and just taking notes. And this time we had some time off. We could be more romantic, more poetic as you said. One thing which is really important for us in Hardcore Superstar is to stay creative to try to do something new.

Well, I was thinking mainly about song Guestlist.
We have dark sense of humor. Sometimes someone come in after the show, drink all our beer – we have never seen them before – and when beer is gone they leave. And we are like: What the fuck?" They just act like they know you for ages. And that's annoying sometimes, so we settled let's make a fucking song about this. I would never do that, I would never go to the band I don't know and drink their booze or I did a couple of times but I was thirsty… (laugh) This is little hello to those people.

Have something changed after you released the song? (laugh)
(Laugh) A couple of people, who haven't heard the song, when they came in, we sat and start to sing you are not on the guestlist…" and they are like: What, what did you say?" But it happens all the time.

I still feel that sarcastic pushes in One More Minute, Are You Gonna Cry Now and C'mon Take On Me. Are these songs based on real stories which happened during the tour or is it just a satire for rock'n'roll life?
It's always based in real stories. It's important to understand our sense of humor. Usually when we sing about you, we mean ourselves – how tragic or how silly I am.

Why haven't you shoot any videos for Split Your Lip?
That was a record company mistake. We were actually discussing that last night, maybe we should put together video for Last Call For Alcohol and Moonshine like live video. We would like to do for Last Call For Alcohol a video which will be shoot by ourselves, how we drink a lot and have fun backstage – make a video montage of us drinking through the whole song. (laugh)

Do you let any secret little mistakes in your songs?
Oh, lots of this. I tend to speak when I play drums. If you really, really listen, you can hear me, I sound like a retarded. And there is a section in We Won't Take The Blame right before the soft part when I do the drum fill, I actually broke my drum stick, so I play the last with one hand. If you listen carefully, you can hear that break. We chose to leave it in, because it sounds fucking cool.

Can you tell us about your side projects?
There are a couple of projects that I have done. I have a side project with singer and bass player of Morbid Angel and the guitar player from In Flames. We wrote twelve songs together, we are just waiting for record those songs. And me and Martin from Hardcore Superstar wrote together song for Swedish band called H.E.A.T. It's on their new album which is out now. It is kind of Bon Jovi type of rock. It is fun to write it. It would fit us, but it's right for them. Also me and Martin were contacted by a guy from American Idol, I think he ended up on fourth place or what, his name is James Durbin. He asked if we would write a song for him, because he loves Hardcore Superstar. So we wrote song called Outcast for him. And Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe played guitar on it. It was fucknig cool, I was sitting there and watching Mick Mars struggling my guitar riff!

Through the recent time I feel you are so much influenced by Kiss. I mean bonus song Lovin' The Dead or Run To Your Mama about which someone of you said it's your Beth. Whose music influenced you the most on this album?
This is gonna sound odd and crazy but we released so many albums, so we are kind of influenced by ourselves. We learned from our mistakes. By now we know what we really want. I used to take a lot of inspiration from other music, but now I don't think like that. I just follow my heart, it sounds cheesy, but that's the only answer for it.

And the last question: you are going to play in Czech Republic in summer for the very first time. Do you want to invite your fans?
I was in Prague once in my life and it was fucking beautiful. If people are as beautiful as this city, I'd love to go there and I really hope you are and I look forward to it. I went there when I was seventeen years old. And I found there a music store, where it was so cheap to buy drum sticks, that I bought a bag full of drum sticks and took it to my place in Sweden. Everybody else bought souvenirs and I bought drum sticks.


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