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Doug Aldrich – Record Steam Roller live album would be cool
Publikoval: JO - Úterý, 16.10. 2012 - 23:21:17
Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Sabina Jesenovská
Foto: Jiří 'Pecka' Petřkovský, Jiří Olszar

Three guys of Whitesnake – Doug Aldrich, Brian Tichy and Michael Devin – hit the road under the name STEAM ROLLER to show you what are they able to do with their instruments. We had an opportunity to talk about this project and even more with very friendly and talkative guitarist DOUG ALDRICH.

What is the main difference between Whitesnake and Steam Roller gigs?
We definitely still be the same players so we could play like we do it with Whitesnake. But we want to do it differently. We are not trying to compete with Whitesnake, because Whitesnake sounds amazing as it is. There are three of us instead of six, so it's definitely different. But it's really fun, for example a song like Cryin' In The Rain we don't really do live anymore, so we do that one with Steam Roller. We might do it really bluesy one night and we might do it super heavy another night it just depends on how we feel. You will see, we are just watching each other, one guy is like: "Do this," and other: "Ok!"

Do you have any playlist?
We have one, but we very rarely stick to it. We start going off someone yell something like Dio and we start to play it. It's really free, it's fun.

What did David Coverdale told you to Steam Roller idea?
We don't continue in tour without him, we basically wanted to put a little jam band together – a free form band. One day off we came to the club and played. And it turned to: "Hey, why don't you guys come to Frankfurt, Germany to Musikmesse?" And we did that and the response was really good. Then Marshall put on the concert in Wembley Arena last week 50th anniversary and they were bringing us over so I was performing as a guitar player, Brian was playing there too. So we decided to place some dates and have some fun. David is cool, he preferred to I stay at home and work on new DVD with him and I would love to do that too, but I wanted to do this for Marshall. So David is cool, he supports us on hundred percent. Whitesnake is our job, our main band. We are very happy to be in Whitesnake, I mean now I am in Whitesnake just coming up to ten years. And we have done a lot of great work together David and I. It's an honor to work with him. I've learnt a lot from him. He is really talented as you know, as a singer and songwriter. I love working with him.

If Steam Roller sounds so different, do you plane to record live album?
This is actually something that we just started talking about. It would be really cool. But the thing is that every day we play it different. We change set list every day. I don't even know what we will play. For example how we play Beastie Boys song – we play it one day this way and next day in another way. So one live record isn't enough, we would have to do five live records to capture all this different moments.

Have you ever thought about recording new songs with Steam Roller?
Not really. I mean nothing like that. I write with David for Whitesnake and I've got another side project which is called Burning Rain, which has a great lead singer called Keith St. John.

Are you working on third Burning Rain's CD?
It's written, it's coming out next year.

Does it already have its name?
Not yet. I don't know we'll figure it out. Anything except Burning Rain 3 I'm not going to do that.

When we speak about your side projects, do you plan to do something with Glenn Hughes?
I would love to! I mean I love Glenn. We don't have any plans, but you never know what may happen. I just saw him last week and we had a great time. We jammed few times together and it's always good. He has his project Black Country Communion and I've got Whitesnake and Burning Rain so I'm not sure, but you never know. I would love to.

Can you tell me about Whitesnake's next steps except new DVD?
David has tons of new ideas. There is definitely plan to do some new material at some point, but now we have to really focus on we are trying to do that live Forevermore stuff finished for the end of the year. There will be definitely tour next year, so we will be back here in Czech Republic I hope.

What do you think about today's rock scene?
It's hard. The way how the music business is, it changed so much. I have learned form David that if you adapt your thinking a little bit and look at this place is closing opportunity it means that other place is opening. I think there is the way to keep the music happening and it's pretty exciting too. Ten years ago you couldn't record a song in one day and give it to millions of people in the same day. Now you can do that. I mean if you can find a way to record a song, video or something, put it on your Facebook and somebody sends it to his friends and those friends to their friends and it goes everywhere. It is a great opportunity. But not so many people have a band in these days I guess.

I know you don't consider yourself as a star, but do you plan to write a book of your memories sometimes in future?
Maybe. I have a lot of great stories and memories and stuff. So maybe one day. I am still making memories right now. There is more to come.

What's your favourite Witesnake song to perform live?
Right now I think really Forevermore. I really love to play that song with David. It's kind of an epic song. And I love those types of songs like Stairway To Heaven or Hotel California and so on.


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