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Patrik Johansson – To believe in yourself and your music
Publikoval: JO - Sobota, 18.06. 2011 - 20:22:57
Rubrika: Speak English or Die

Text: Eva Houšková
Photos: Bloodbound archive

BLOODBOUND were founded in 2004 and they've released four albums so far: Nosferatu (2006), Book Of Dead (2007), Tabula Rasa (2009) and Unholy Cross (2011). Their successful rise and career were slightly complicated when their former frontman Urban Breed, an excellent singer but problematic personality, have left and returned again. Last year he was replaced by a talented singer PATRIK JOHANSSON (Dawn Of Silence), who answered following questions...

You started your career in Dawn Of Silence in 2000, originally as a guitarist. What was the reason to change the guitar for a mic and start singing?
We had no singer at the point we started the band. We were only two guitar players and a drummer who just had some fun when we tried to learn how to handle our instruments by playing some Iron Maiden covers. One day in the rehearsal room I grabbed the microphone and started to sing, mostly as a joke. The other guys in the band thought that it didn't sound too bad and I agreed to continue as both a singer and guitar player until we would find a 'real' vocalist. We never found one and I continued to sing and develope during the years and here I am today! For a couple of months ago I let go of the guitar in Dawn Of Silence as well, so I just can focus on vocals.

Initially, you've been playing Iron Maiden covers with Dawn Of Silence. How do you like the last Iron Maiden's studio album – The Final Frontier?
As I said in the previous answer, in the beginning we started to play some Maiden covers, but only in the rehearsal room. We've played a few covers live during the years, but we have never been an actual fulltime Maiden cover band... Just to clarify. Even thou I'm a big fan of them so to answer your qustion. The Final Frontier is ok, neither more or less. The last Maiden album that I thought was really good is Brave New World.

You became a member of Bloodbound in April last year as a successor of Urban Breed. Have you been listening to their earlier production?
Yes, of course! I was actually kind of a fan of the band. I've been following them since they released Nosferatu. I got to know the band when I booked them to play a gig in my hometown Finspång in 2007. After that I kept in touch with Tomas and we talked about doing some side-project stuff. But when the band decided to go on without Urban he asked me to join Bloodbound instead. And I'm very happy about that.

Your bandmates have described the colour of your voice as "a mix between Bruce Dickinson and Tobias Sammet". Do you agree?
Hehe... What can I say. Maiden and Edguy/Avantasia are my favourite bands. In almost every previous review I've read they've mentioned at least one of these names and I couldn't be more honored. Of course they've inspired me but I do not try to sound like them.

You sing with both bands – Dawn Of Silence and Bloodbound. How do you manage it?
So far it works just fine and I hope it will work out even in the future. Because Dawn Of Silence is the band I have with my old time friends who have manage to release two albums, just with the heart and soul for heavy metal music. This is where I started to learn how to play/sing and write music. And Bloodbound is a band I've looked up to and I just love their (now our) music. So far we have had a blast during the recording-sessions and live performances, so both bands have a special place in my heart.

Dawn Of Silence appeared in an iconic Sweden Rock Festival in June this year. How did you enjoy it?
We had a blast! I got home for about a half day after the Metalfest gig in Czech Republic with Bloodbound. I took a shower, changed my bag with clothes, had a few hours of sleep and headed for Sweden Rock Festival. There were a lot more people showing up to see us play then we had expected. Because Dawn Of Silence is still kind of an underground band, but I know for sure that we gained a lot of new fans on that gig!

Bloodbound have just recorded a new album Unholy Cross. How do you participate in the band's creation?
Most of the songs were already written when I joined the band. Me and Tomas wrote the lyrics for Reflections Of Evil together. Other than that I only had some smaller inputs and ideas. But I will most likely be more involved in the writing process on the next album. Tomas and Fredrik who writes most of the music in Bloodbound likes what I've done in the past and want me to participate more. But they have done such a great job before, so it is only if I come up with songs that can top their work, hehe...

Unholy Cross is a successful recording – there are strong melodies, great guitar riffs and a ballad isn't missing, as well... And it seems, that you've been using more choruses there. Are you satisfied with this album?
Yes I am very satisfied ... and very relieved. Since this is my first album with Bloodbound I didn't know what the 'old' fans would say and I'm sure they didn't know what to expect with a new singer either. But the response have been overwhelming and the vocal change seems to have been accepted from most of the people out there and I'm very grateful for that. But back to the album. In my opinion there is not a bad song on the whole album and it is the most varied album from Bloodbound so far. We had a lot of fun recording it and I think that the positive energy reflects on the album. Tomas and Fredrik did a great job with the songwriting and Jonas Kjellgren, who mixed the album, did an excellent job as well.

Bloodbound is very well known in the Czech Republic; you have been playing there almost every year since 2008 – for example on tour with HammerFall and Sabaton, and on music festivals like Masters Of Rock or Metalfest this year. You have appeared by a mic on last year's Masters Of Rock festival – how do you like our country? When will we see you again?
Since I started to sing with Bloodbound, the Czech Republic gigs (MOR & Metalfest) have been the most memorable. The reception from the audience have been amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. We will for sure come back as soon as possible and I hope it won't take to long!

Do you personally prefer classic gigs or festivals?
Hm ... it's a tricky one. I love to play live where ever I am. I really like festivals and everything around it. Nice people, the party atmospehere and that you meet other bands and even idols over a beer and stuff like that. And when you play at a festival you have the chance to reach new fans, because there are a lot of people in movement, and you can reach to people that never would have gone to a single concert beacuse they don't know who you are. The only backside with a festival gig is that there are a lot of other bands playing so the change over (on stage) is very short and you can't prepare the way you can do at a classic gig. I also like the intimacy beteween band and audience that you get at a pub or smaller arena. So both things has it's benefits.

Do you have any wishes for the future regarding music? For example with whom would you like to sing duet?
My realistic wishes right now is just to get on tour and play as many cities and countries as possible and to record new albums with both Bloodbound and Dawn Of Silence. If I can dream... To sing a duet with Bruce Dickinson on stage would have been magical and/or maybe be a support act on a Iron Maiden tour. And to be one of the guests on the next Avantasia album, hehe!

A Scandinavian metal scene is getting more and more popular, doesn't matter if it is death, black, heavy, sympho, power... Have you got any secret tip for a Norse promising band?
Yea, I don't know what the secret is actually... But the only tip I can give is to have fun and believe in yourself and your music.

Would you like to tell anything to your Czech fans?
Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you all next time we show up in Czech Republic! And as I said, hopefully it won't be to long...


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